Training Philosophy


Our philosophy is to expose trainees to carefully selected exercises involving strategic variation that promotes self organization. This approach allows players to actively ADAPT IN GAME. By varying one's environment, it enables motor control exploration that is synonymous with learning. Consistently revisiting the domains represented within our BB Methodology and how they interact with one another underscores the pioneering methods that we've developed.

  • Movement Optimization
  • Ball Manipulation
  • Individual Offensive Strategy
  • Finishing Adaptability
  • Shooting Calibration


"We must start with the problem and work backwards" - TT

In order to address limitations and devise a drill, we must begin with acknowledging what is hindering execution of basketball skill. In order to prepare you for random and chaotic circumstances in game, we must expose you to random and varying conditions when you train. In the advanced stages of learning and mastery, the goal is to perturb and disturb timing, rhythm and coordination as much as possible.

"The sensations that the problem presents must dictate one's output" -TT