One of the Best Player Development Coaches in the Country

Tommy Tempesta of Basketball Biomechanics has worked hard to develop the technique to improve players of all ages. The coaching and results players get are unbelievable and he and his staff deserve a great deal of credit. Basketball Biomechanics is unique and designed to improve players’ bodies, overall skills and has placed a high importance on preventative methods to avoid injury. Tommy has worked with high level Division I players and players currently in the NBA. In my opinion, as a former college and NBA player, Tommy is one of the best player development coaches in the country. His passion, enthusiasm, dedication and love for the game is very noticeable to the players he trains which allows him to tap into potential not recognized by the players. There is so much more I could say about Basketball Biomechanics and Tommy Tempesta, so I will close with he gets results and players improve!

George McCloud, Former NBA Player & Scout for Sacramento Kings

Mastery of Biomechanics

I come into contact with some of the best basketball coaches around the world on a daily basis, getting insights that are on the cutting edge of teaching methods and content.

At the top of my list is Tommy Tempesta - who is one of only a small handful of people who has both the mastery of biomechanics/functional movement and basketball skills training. With this experience, he is able to educate players with methods so advanced, yet effective, that he's re-defining the skills themselves. If you're a player who wants to get better, no matter your athletic ability or size, Tommy can unlock every ounce of potential to make you into the best basketball player you can be, from both a skills aspect and basketball IQ. I share at least one teaching point from Tommy on a daily basis, and can't recommend him enough as a teacher and trainer.

Coach Nick Hauselman, Founder of Bballbreakdown

Maturing My Mentality

Let me start by saying, my game wouldn't be anywhere near where it is today if it wasn't for Basketball Biomechanics. BB has brought my game to levels I wouldn't have imagined. Also maturing my mentality to never quit or give an excuse no matter the situation or when a problem arises. I went from a very small skinny kid to dunking a basketball which if you knew me before I started with BB, wouldn't have thought it was possible! Without this access to great training from Tommy and Basketball Biomechanics, I don't know where I would be right now. I am glad I made the commitment to change my life for the better.

Justin Evelyn, College Basketball Player