About Us

Basketball Biomechanics is a basketball consulting and player development company servicing professional organizations, teams & players with proprietary assessment methods which potently address limiting factors a player presents with.  The BB “Lens”  of assessment underscores how critical it is to actually discern what is limiting a player in specific “areas” (BB Domains) of skilled execution during live play and dynamically prioritize lending to specific BB methodologies to be implemented. 


Our founder, Tommy Tempesta has researched many disciplines, received education in kinesiology/biomechanics/physical therapy, has 17 years of coaching experience, & extremely valuable to the company underpinnings, has assessed-analyzed-engineered-implemented tens of thousands of hours of basketball play.  The art & substance that distinguishes this feat, in its simplest form is accepting what is useful, while consistently refining and rejecting what is useless.     

 Multi-Disciplinary Background

The unique multi-disciplinary background enabled Tommy to embrace a scientific approach to all video/methods assessed & sessions conducted lending to the BB assessment-methodology progressions.  All encompassing, the domains prove to build robust & adaptable players promoting self organization when the player must acclimate to an every changing environment (The Game).  Movement “libraries” to be called upon in live play, visual gaze strategies, ball manipulation techniques, rhythmic motor patterns, shooting energy transfer in all capacities-context & overall court awareness (IQ) develop as a result of specific limiting factors being prioritized and addressed.  Inherent in optimizing a players proficiency within each specific domain invaluably positively impacts motor control under duress which limits the likelihood of injury.